Twitter Loses Nearly 9 million Users, and it’s a good thing!


Twitter Loses Nearly 9 million Users, and it’s a good thing!

Twitter just released their quarterly report and the results are quite frankly astonishing. The user base has dropped a whopping 9 million. But don’t fret, these numbers are expected. Its all a part of the bot crackdown that Twitter has been undergoing under the hood for some time.

There is a sea of bot accounts that litter the twitter user space. They have no other use than to spam active followers and dull the overall user experience. Using their latest algorithms, this minimalist social media platform has created a strike force against these fake accounts. Twitter did mention last month that we could expect around “mid-single-digit millions” users over the next few months.  Yeah, I kind of expected it to be around 3 or 4 million but wow, it’s actually 9 million. Currently, the number of active users is around 326 million from the earlier 335 million. The company also announced that they are going to keep working on the issue and we can expect even more slashing of those damn bots.


This is a good move and will have a positive effect on the health of Twitter in the long term. Cleaning out these noisy accounts means that the Twitter team has a better chance of fixing its problems and a more robust customer service platform for the users that actually matter – the real ones. This is in sharp contrast with Facebook’s growing user base – more than 38+ million last quarter.

Let’s hope that all the social media platforms follow suit and start fixing their growing bot problem. A better-maintained user base is better than an absurdly large one. Keep up with the latest happenings in the digital marketing world with Adhuntt media. Until next time!


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